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Chairman’s Report


Annual General Meeting

July 2020


Chair’s Report


Our trustees this year closed with Darren as Chair, Kirsty as secretary and Steve as Treasurer along with Vanessa, Jamie, Beryl, David, James & Mike.


The committee has continued to meet regularly to review the activities of the group and ensure that it is securing sufficient funding through fund raising and that the funds are being spent in the best interests of the members and in line with the groups policies.


Membership numbers have increased over the year to 95 families and again this goes to demonstrate the good work that is being done by the group.


Our trustees stood at 9 people at year end and the constitution rules state that  a 1/3rd of trustees stand down from their position but are eligible for re-election, it also states that one of the group’s officers must stand down and the same or new officer be re-elected which will take the form of the nominations and vote.


Throughout the year we have continued to support the heart of the Charity’s activities, those being the social gatherings in order to bring the members together to listen, provide support, encouragement and advice.


This year has seen the continuation of the familiar and every popular seasonal activities of the group including Christmas Party & Pantomime alongside the Summer BBQ in addition to cinema visits to name but a few. We instigated a nominal charge of £5 per ticket for the Christmas Party in 2019 to assist in covering costs but are delighted that we maintained our strong attendance of this event with 193 people joining in.

We’ve also been engaging with our members more than ever through our Facebook group that has seen higher than ever levels of usage and is proving to be a valuable platform for us to engage with our community.


Community engagement remains strong with Beryl, Kirsty and Cassandra giving talks to midwives and trainee midwives at the Northampton General Hospital about their experiences and raising awareness of DSGN and Down Syndrome. We have also been working with the national Down Syndrome Association to advertise their ‘Workfit’ campaign for our older members to encourage these into employment.


We are as ever indebted to our fund raisers who are too numerous to name individually but we’d like to pay special thanks to our cycling heroes, Richard Cheney who cycled from Daventry to Paris raising £1718.90 and Craig Prickett who cycled the East Coast of England raising £1500.


Unfortunately we have seen an impact of Coronavirus on our activities toward the end of the financial year and have needed to further postpone our Black Tie Ball event which is a significant income stream for the charity though we are grateful to our venue partner for promising to rearrange without further cost to the group and look forward to rescheduling this event as early as guidelines permit.


Coronavirus continues to impact our ability to raise funds and the committee is meeting regularly to assess how we can adjust our activities but we remain in good financial shape and look forward to being able to continue to support our members in the future.



Darren Jones